Making An Adoption Plan?

Adoption Services in DeKalb and Rochelle

The Adoption Center of Illinois, is a branch of Family Resource Center, an Illinois licensed child welfare agency. We have workers in the area who can meet you in DeKalb and Rochelle and the surrounding area to talk about adoption and your options. We have been working in the field of adoption in Illinois and providing comprehensive adoption services to residents of DeKalb and Rochelle and the surrounding area since 1988. For more than two decades we have worked closely with local medical care providers, offering adoption information and counseling. The focus of attention for the Adoption Center of Illinois and our help to birth mothers and birth fathers in the DeKalb and Rochelle area, is to provide comprehensive support to women and men who are considering placing children for adoption. Our support comes with no strings attached! We are here to help birth parents understand how adoption works and to help birth mothers understand your rights and options. We know that adoption is not an easy decision, or an easy path to take. We know that choosing to place a child for adoption is not the right decision for all situation. We also believe that at certain times and in certain circumstances adoption provides a safe and responsible way for providing for a child’s future. We believe in adoption as a responsible option and have the utmost respect for those whom make the decision to place a child or children for adoption.

Please let us know if we can help in any way. We are here to answer any questions you may have about adoption in DeKalb and Rochelle, Illinois.