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The Adoption Center of Illinois, is a branch of Family Resource Center, an Illinois licensed child welfare agency. We have been working in the field of adoption in Illinois and providing comprehensive adoption services to residents of Springfield and the surrounding area since 1988. For more than two decades we have worked closely with Springfield medical care providers, including St. John’s Hospital and Springfield Memorial Hospital, offering adoption information and counseling. The focus of attention for the Adoption Center of Illinois is to provide comprehensive support to women and men who are considering placing children for adoption. Our support comes with no strings attached! We are here to help birth parents understand how adoption works and to help birth mothers understand your rights and options. We know that adoption is not a panacea, or easy, or right for everyone and every situation. We also believe that at certain times and in certain circumstances adoption provides a safe and responsible way for providing for a child’s future. We believe in adoption as a responsible option and have the utmost respect for those whom make the decision to place a child or children for adoption.

Our motto is “our help, your decisions” and we mean it.

We appreciate having the opportunity to answer questions and support birth parents in examining all of their options – and we are here to help people understand what happens with adoption in Springfield, Illinois. Because you are reading these words we know that your are on the internet and we know that as you look through the internet you will see information from many different sources. If your are a birth parent (a birth mother or birth father) and you are thinking about making an adoption plan for your child – born or yet to be born – we have some recommendations for you. Given the choice of working with a agency based in Illinois and one located out of Illinois – we strongly recommend that you consider working with an agency based in Illinois. What is the difference? For one thing, local services tend to be more accountable than services originating in another state. The state of Illinois has strong rules and regulations that protect all parties in the adoption process. Agencies that are licensed in Illinois are subject to the rules governing adoption established by the State of Illinois. If you are looking into placing a child for adoption and adoption in Springfield, Illinois here is something to consider – if an organization (an adoption agency or adoption facilitator) is not telling where they are located – we encourage you to ask why?

You have every right to ask any question you like about an adoption agency before you volunteer any information about yourself.

Ask who ever you are thinking about working with if you can see a copy of their “license” – notice what state they are from. You may ask if the agency is a true not-for-profit organization and if they have a volunteer board of directors. You have the right to ask for the answers to your questions to be put in writing! At The Adoption Center of Illinois we take pride in having a very open system. You are welcome to visit our office, ask to speak with other birth mothers and birth fathers we have worked with. As an Illinois licensed adoption agency we are required to give you a written list of your “rights and responsibilities”. Our job is not to “get birth mothers to make adoption plans for their children” – our job is to find good homes for children when their parents believe that adoption is the best plan for their child. Please take the time to look into all of your options. Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, or do not think that you are in a position to provide for another child, or just what to examine what might happen if you were to place a child for adoption – we encourage you to question absolutely everything. At the Adoption Center of Illinois we believe that every question deserves an answer. We hope you will take the time to look through the rest of this website and contact us if you have any questions or just want to talk. We hope you will find out for yourself why we have come to be considered one of the most trusted adoption agencies in Illinois. We would consider it a privilege to speak with you if you did reach out to us. We are happy to talk with you about how adoption works; what it might look like; and what happens with Adoption in Springfield, Illinois | Real Help With Adoption.