How to Submit


Digital photographs can be submitted in one of two ways. If you have a small number of photographs you would like to add to our photo library, please email the files to along with any information you have about them. Please have the photos saved as .jpg files. If the photos are large files or if you would like to submit several photos, please put your photos on a CD or flash drive and mail it to or drop it off at Adoption Center of Illinois.

If you have photographs, negatives, or slides that you would like to submit, we are able to scan them for you. Please mail them to us or bring them in, along with any information you have about the images. Please include a stamped, addressed envelope so that we may return the original documents.


If you would like to submit video, please upload it to Youtube and send a link to including any relevant information in the email, along with your name. You can also submit a video through our contact form by pasting the link into the message box.


Do you want to be interviewed about your experience with adoption? These interviews are unscripted and open to any kind of personal expression. Some are straight interviews where the interviewer’s voice is not heard, and the interviewee talks about specific aspects of their experience with adoption. Some have asked to read poems or tell specific stories. All forms of expression are welcome.

Please let us know that you are interested in being interviewed by completing the interview contact form, available here. You will need to provide your contact information and include a description of what you would like to talk about in the interview. A member of the Adoption StoryBoard team will be in touch with you to schedule the interview.

Adoption Journal Blog

An entry to the Adoption Journal blog can be any format. It can be a photo, a poem, a video, a story, a journal entry, artwork, and much more. Let your creative juices flow. To submit an entry, email Richard Pearlman at Please attach the file if possible and include a description of what you hope to convey through your entry.

Please note:

By submitting content to Adoption StoryBoard, you are verifying that you have the right to share it and you are giving Adoption Center of Illinois permission to display it online and use it as we see fit in other Adoption StoryBoard publication. Please indicate if you would prefer only your first name to be used.