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Welcome to our Video Library.

The Adoption StoryBoard video library contains videos that Adoption Center of Illinois created as part of its Adoption Story Board Project. The video library, however, is open to including videos created by others as long as they relate to adoption.

The purpose of the video library is to create a catalogue of real, unscripted stories in which people whose lives have been touched by adoption talk about and share their experiences and insights into adoption. These interviews have been conducted with women and men who placed children for adoption, adoptive parents, people who have been adopted and people who work in the field of adoption.

Visitors and members of the community are invited to comment on the videos. Any comments or information you leave will be visible to others.

Would you like to be interviewed for the Adoption StoryBoard? Click here to send a request to participate in an interview and someone from our team will get back to you. Do you have one or more videos that you would like to submit? For information about how to do so, click here.

ACI/FRC 2016 Reflections Video
Published at 2016, September 02
In this video we examine different aspects of Adoption Center of Illinois touches people's lives. I
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