Domestic Adoption

Agency Assisted Adoption

Agency-assisted, or identified adoptions occur when a couple or individual reaches out on their own and develops a relationship with a woman who is considering placing a child for adoption. Frequently this occurs through the potential adoptive parent’s own efforts. These relationships are initiated in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes a friend or relative knows someone who is pregnant and considering adoption. Sometimes a couple or individual creates their own outreach plan. These plans can include social media, such as Facebook, paid advertising, networking and word of mouth.

These adoptions are considered agency assisted because in these situations potential adoptive parents take a more active role in almost every aspect of the process. The agency’s role is to assist with the possible adoption of a child whose mother has been identified by the potential adoptive parents.

Our relationship with the expectant mother

In this program, ACI provides birth parent counseling services and ensures that expectant mothers are aware of all of their options.

However, one significant difference between our Agency Assisted Adoption and TAP adoptions is that we will not present other parent profiles to a birth parent who is introduced to Adoption Center of Illinois (ACI) by potential adoptive parents. And, in this program, though the overall fees paid to ACI are lower, the potential adoptive parents are responsible for meeting all medical and ancillary expenses, many of which are paid before the child is born and non-refundable if there is no adoptive placement.

Agency Assisted Adoption is growing

Agency Assisted Adoptions have for a variety of reasons become more common since 2005.In fact many of the families who adopt through FRC in recent years are adopting through the agency-assisted process, which is coming to be know as the “do it yourself adoption” movement.

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