Education and Training Services

We have found that education and training on adoption issues, child rearing, and health contribute significantly to the well being of our adopted children and their families. That’s why we offer a range of presentations, seminars, and panels designed to assist parents in understanding critical adoption issues.

For more information about our classes select from the list below:

Program Introduction Meetings

Adoption Classes

Note to all individuals planning on attending FRC classes.

You must pre-register to attend any class. We are asking you to do this for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: inclement weather, low enrollment, or difficulties that the instructor may have. Therefore, please provide detailed contact information so that FRC may notify you if a class is cancelled. If you do not register and you show up at a class that is cancelled, FRC will regret not having been able to inform you and cannot be held responsible.

Unless otherwise noted, baby-sitting is not available as programs are not appropriate for children. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.