Adopting a Child

Domestic Adoption


Since 1989, Adoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource Center has been involved in thousands of adoptions. Our mission has always been “helping children through adoption.” We have always looked for permanent and committed family homes that will provide children with the love, nurturing and understanding they need to grow, develop and thrive. Our commitment is to support all expectant mothers considering adoption, regardless of whether they ultimately choose to make an adoption plan for their child. We are here to help expectant women to identify their hopes and dream for their child’s future, and to support them in finding potential adoptive parents who can help realize their aspirations.

Our Domestic Adoption Programs include (click on each program link below to view the program informational packets):

    • Traditional Adoption Placement (TAP) Program
      Our agency works with birth parents (BPs) that have approached the agency to explore the option of developing adoption plans for their children. We assist BPs to find potential placements for their child by sharing profiles of our prospective adoptive parents who may be a good fit. Placements made through this program are primarily newborns.
    • Agency-Assisted Adoption Placement (AAP) Program
      With the AAP program, prospective adoptive parents have already identified a BP residing in Illinois who is considering placing a child for adoption. Our agency supports both BPs and prospective adoptive parents throughout the adoption process.
    • Home Study Only Program
      Our agency completes a Home Study for Illinois prospective adoptive parents who are working with other placing resources (agencies and/or attorneys).
    • Waiting Child Services (WCS) Program / Adopting from Foster Care
      Our agency supports prospective adoptive parents to navigate the various foster care systems throughout the US, including Illinois, by helping them identify and obtain information about children available for adoption. Once matched, our agency will coordinate the process with the agency or sending state. Children adopted through this program have ranged in age from 4 to 15.

Placements are not guaranteed and we cannot predict the success or chances of any applicant in any of our adoption programs. We do not restrict prospective adoptive parents from concurrently pursuing a range of options.

To learn more about our agency and the Domestic Adoption Programs, we recommend attending one of our Program Introduction Meetings.