Adopting a Child

Domestic Adoption


Since 1989, Adoption Center of Illinois (originally known as Family Resource Center) has been involved in more than 2,500 adoptions. Our mission has always been “to find homes for children through adoption.” We have always looked for permanent and committed family homes that will provide children with the love, nurturing and understanding they need to grow, develop and thrive. Our commitment is to support all expectant mothers considering adoption, regardless of whether they ultimately choose to make an adoption plan for their child. We are here to help expectant women to identify their hopes and dream for their child’s future, and to support them in finding potential adoptive parents who can help realize their aspirations.

To this end ACI has four primary adoption programs:

    • Traditional Adoption Program (TAP)
      In this program ACI makes contact with expectant mothers through a variety of outreach channels and introduces them to potential adoptive families who are in the program. Potential adoptive parents who are active in this program create family profiles, which are shown to expectant mothers who are working with ACI to create an adoption plan.


    • Agency-Assisted Adoption Program (AAAP)
      In this program potential adoptive parents conduct their own marketing and outreach activities in order to come in contact with expectant mothers who are considering placing a child for adoption.


    • Home Study Services Program
      For Illinois families that are adopting out-of-state, or through another adoption service provider, ACI is happy to conduct required home study services. This program includes assistance with DCFS licensing and post-placement services.


    • Waiting Child Services Program / Adopting from Foster Care
      This program helps families who are interested in adopting a child or children from the foster care system – either in Illinois or from any other state in the United States. ACI assists applicants in understanding how the foster care system works by providing one-to-one support and guidance.


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