About Us

Our Mission


Adoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource Center’s our mission is:

Helping children through adoption.

We do this by:

  • Finding permanent, loving adoptive families for children, regardless of the background or health of the child.
  • Safeguarding the best interests and welfare of children placed in our care.
  • Advancing the practice and understanding of adoption.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to a contemporary, innovative and compassionate approach to adoption.  Our agency approves Illinois families for adoption according to DCFS standards and Illinois law.  We assess prospective adoptive parents on an individual basis regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age (applicants must be at least 25 years of age), religion, mental or physical disability, marital status, length of marriage, size or composition of existing family, participation in infertility treatment, or any other factors protected by law.

The principles that guide our practice in the field of adoption include the following:

  • The people who come to us for help with adoption have the right to question absolutely everything.  WE believe that every question deserves an answer.
  • We believe that the people we work with are best able to manage their own lives. We do not come to us with the expectation that we will tell them what to think or how to feel.
  • People whose lives have been touched by adoption have a right to know all of their options – birth parents, adoptive parents and people who are adopted.
  • We do not advocate for one group in adoption over another (birth parents vs. adoptive parents) because our primary concern is the safety and well being of children placed in our care. Our job is to find good loving permanent adoptive homes for children.
  • We do not insist on either open or closed adoption and but believe decisions about potential relationships between birth parents and adoptive parents should be made between the parties involved.
  • We encourage adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees to consider viewing themselves as part of one, large extended family network.
  • The adoption process should be fully transparent and not driven by financial considerations and or motivated by financial gain.
  • We want our agency to generate income from good things. This is why it is our policy to return placement fees to adoptive parents if an adoption is overturned or disrupted due to a legal challenge, thereby limiting the financial risks associated with the adoption of a child.
  • We encourage our constituents to look at adoption and how it affects them – and to form their own opinions about adoption and its role in their lives.
  • We believe that civil and respectful discourse, free from antagonism, is possible and essential to a healthy adoption experience, and a family that nourishes and supports the healthy development of children.
  • We are committed to continuous professional quality improvements.  We continually explore and re-examining how we put our mission of  “helping children through adoption” into action. Our organization is resilient enough to tolerate disagreements, and we welcome open discussion of our methods and strategies.
  • We believe in respecting the rights and prerogatives of others – and that everyone is entitled to their own point of view. Even when we disagree we can still listen to and consider the ideas of others.
  • We support and encourage an ongoing process of professional development.  WE are interested in increasing our knowledge and understanding of adoption and, the effectiveness of our staff and our volunteer board of directors.