International Adoption

Outgoing Adoption

Thank you for your interest in Family Resource Center and our Traditional Adoption Placement (TAP) Program for non-US residents/citizens. Family Resource Center (FRC) is a 501(c)(3) (non-profit) Hague-accredited child welfare agency located in Chicago, Illinois.  We work with families residing in Illinois, as well as with families in other states and in other countries who are interested in pursuing the adoption of a child in the United States. Family Resource Center (the legal name of Adoption Center of Illinois) has been a Hague accredited agency since April 2008, accredited for both incoming and outgoing adoptions.

We wish to inform families residing outside the U.S. that since January 1, 2010 we have participated in 14 “outgoing” adoptive placements, four were placements through our TAP program and three were families who located children on their own here in Illinois. We facilitated seven additional adoptions of Canadian families who located children through their own resources in other US states (not Illinois) and utilized our Hague Primary Provider Services. FRC works in cooperation with the adoptive parents’ home study agency and/or Central Adoption Authority and the US agency or attorney in the state where birth parents reside.

In our TAP program birth parents contact our agency and we assist them in learning about potential adoptive parents. Birth parents select the adoptive family and it is impossible to predict when a birthparent will choose any particular family.  Placements are not guaranteed and we cannot predict the success or chances of any applicant. The best indicator of success is the frequency with which an adoptive family’s profile is presented. The more open families are to a wide variety of potential adoption situations, the more frequently their profile will be shown and the likelihood of being selected is increased. An estimated timeframe for completing an adoption is not available.

Unlike many other agencies, we do not restrict adoptive parents from concurrently pursuing a range of options.  We encourage all of our clients to advocate for themselves and examine all of their options.

The first step for non-US citizen/residents is to obtain a current, valid home study in their country of residence and be specifically pre-approved to adopt from the United States (Article 15 letter). The next step is to submit an application to FRC, together with the home study and Article 15 letter.

Please review our Outgoing Adoption Program Information Packet:

PLEASE NOTE: Information in the Outgoing Supplement pertains to the adoption of ONE convention adoptee.

The fee for FRC’s TAP program for a non-US resident includes a $500 Monitoring and Oversight (M&O) Fee paid directly to IAAME, the State Department’s accrediting entity. PLEASE NOTE: Families who adopt more than one child at the same time will pay an additional $500 M&O fee per child.

If non-US residents would like further information about our TAP Program or our ability to support an Outgoing adoption through Hague Primary Provider Services, please contact Jane Turner, Executive Director.