International Adoption

Outgoing Adoption

As a Hague Accredited agency (under the name Family Resource Center) approved to provide both Incoming and Outgoing adoption services, we are able to work with Non-US residents and citizens who are interested in pursuing the adoption of US child.

As of February 1, 2016 two non-US families are active in our Traditional Adoption Placement Program. We wish to inform families residing outside the U.S. that since February 1, 2013, we have participated in five Outgoing adoptive placements. Two families completed an adoption through the Agency Assisted Adoption Program. Three additional non-US citizen families adopted after independently locating birthparents in other US states. FRC served as the Primary Provider in these cases to supervise these Hague outgoing cases. We worked collaboratively with the foreign home study agency and foreign Central Authority and the US agency providing services to the birthparents in the state where they reside. To our knowledge, there has been no disruption or dissolution of any adoption; all adoptions have remained intact.

If non-US residents would like further information about our Traditional Adoption Program or our ability to support an Outgoing adoption through Hague Primary Provider Services, please contact Jane Turner, Associate Director, at
(773) 321-0300 or email