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Ongoing Support

After your child has been placed with an adoptive family, ACI will continue to support you and your choices. Your counselor will be available for emotional support and a referral to any community resources that may be needed. Should you wish to have counseling from a source outside of ACI at any time after placement, we will make it available to you.

If you and your child’s adoptive parents have established post-placement communication plans, we will help to honor them. Post-placement contact can range from face-to-face meetings to phone or internet contact – or to no contact at all. At a minimum, all adoptive parents are required to send photographs of the child to ACI for the first five years of the child’s life. If you would like to have an extended agreement, you can request that as well.

In working with ACI you have many options and your choices will always be respected. If you would like to talk with someone who truly understands the decisions that you are facing, call us at (773) 334-2300 or toll free at (800) 676-2229. Or if you wish to contact our counselors, you can fill out the form below, and our counselors will get in touch with you.

There are three ways you can contact us

You can call us at (800)676-2229 Or you can text us at 1-309-678-1918

Or you can fill out the form below, and one of our counselors will reach out to you.