Program Introduction

If you are considering adoption, the first step is to attend a Program Introduction meeting.

Introduction meetings are designed only for Prospective Adoptive Parents. Please note that as these meetings are lengthy and seating is often limited, we request that children do not attend. As this is only an orientation meeting in regards to adoption, you will not receive training credit towards your educational hours.

Each session includes:

  • An overview of the adoption process
  • A description of ACI’s approach to adoption
  • De-bunking adoption myths
  • Our fees
  • A question and answer period

We encourage everyone to ask ALL their questions, even the ones that might seem foolish, as the questions that YOU have are very likely the same ones that other families have.

You must pre-register to attend. We are asking you to do this for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: inclement weather, low enrollment, or difficulties that the instructor may have. Therefore, please provide detailed contact information so that we may notify you if it is cancelled. If you do not register and you show up at a class that is cancelled, we will regret not having been able to inform you and cannot be held responsible.

Unless otherwise noted, baby-sitting is not available as programs are not appropriate for children. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.

Our program introductions provide a broad overview of the field of adoption and help potential adoptive parents consider how adoption might work in their lives. These monthly programs are presented free to the public and provide useful and thoughtful information about adoption today. Some of the topics reviewed in these meetings include an overview of the risks, rewards and uncertainties in the adoption process; requirements to qualify as adoptive parents in Illinois; the rights of birth parents in the adoption process; and how adoption is viewed within families. How ACI approaches the adoption process, and its services to families are reviewed including brief descriptions of ACI adoption programs, the application process and fee schedules. ACI program staff is available to briefly address family-specific questions at breaks and after the presentation. The meetings are conducted in a candid and open atmosphere, and questions are encouraged.

Upcoming Program Introduction Meetings

In lieu of attending a program introduction, ACI staff is available to meet with prospective adoptive families for an individual consultation focusing specifically on the applicants circumstances and questions about adoption. A consultation fee of $120 would apply for a 60-90 minute meeting. Please call (773) 334-2300 to schedule a private consultation if you are unable to attend a program introduction meeting. 

Please Note:  If you experience difficulty registering for a class, during regular working hours please call 773.334.2300 and ask to register over the phone.  Please be sure to provide your name, email address and telephone number and we will send you a registration confirmation via email.