Retirement Announcement

Richard Pearlman, Founder &
Executive Director to retire in
October 2016

Richard started the agency with the help of others in 1987 – opening its doors in September 1988. Here he is pictured visiting an orphanage in Ukraine during the high point of international adoptions.

Jane Turner is succeeding Richard as our next Executive Director. She has served the agency with distinction almost since the very beginning. Here she is pictured with children who have just been adopted in China.

Retirement Announcement From Richard Pearlman
& Invitation to April 30th Forever Family Gala!

To Friends and Members of the
Family Resource Center – Adoption Center of Illinois Community

At the end of October in 2016, I am retiring from my position as Executive Director of Adoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource Center.

As one of the agency’s founders and its longest serving staff member, I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to be a part of so many people’s lives. I owe a debt of thanks to so many for their support and encouragement throughout the years.

The idea to create Family Resource Center (now called Adoption Center of Illinois) emerged two years before the agency was incorporated and licensed as a child welfare agency. A small group of people gathered in living rooms and kitchens and restaurants, and dreamed of creating a new kind of agency: one that would respect and honor all parties in the adoption process. The likelihood of our success was tenuous. Were it not for the kindness, generosity and support of so many people over the years, the agency might have failed.

However, we succeeded! With the unwavering participation of a dedicated staff, volunteers, a succession of wonderful members of our Board of Directors, and the generosity of our community of families and friends, the agency has grown and prospered. We have developed a whole new approach to adoption.

Our simple mission of “helping children through adoption” provided a laser-like focus that kept the best interests of children foremost in our thoughts. We have endeavored to be the kind of agency we would want to work with if we were considering adopting a child, or placing a child for adoption, or if we were adopted as a child.

I cannot think of anything that would have been more satisfying than the work I have had the privilege of doing since the agency opened its doors in August of 1988. It has been extremely gratifying to support more than 3,000 adoptive families and 2,000 birth parents in thinking through the adoption process.

Please consider joining me, our Board of Directors, staff, and community on April 30th for our 27th Annual Forever Family Gala. It will be a delightful evening of love and laughter, great food, music and good company. The theme of this year’s gala is Honoring the Past, Welcoming the Future.

This will be a very special event for me, since it will be my last Gala as the organization’s Executive Director. Also, I look forward to welcoming Jane Turner that night, as my successor and the agency’s next ED. Proceeds from the gala will ensure that Adoption Center of Illinois is able to continue to fulfill its mission of Helping Children Through Adoption.

March 2016

I hope you can join us!

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Richard has organized a photo album reviewing some of the experiences shared by our community during his tenure at the agency. In this album are some photos from China, Vietnam, Guatemala, numerous community picnics, general photos (including pictures from reunions) and some from the time when adoptive parents came into the office for the official placement of their children.

To view this photo retrospective click here.

If you’d like to send Richard a comment or personal note you can email him at


Would you like to see more photographs from the past?

Please visit our Adoption Storyboard website which has thousands of photographs and videos documenting the ACI/FRC experience.