What domestic adoption looks like at ACI

1. Getting Started on the Road to Adoption

  1. Attend one of ACI's monthly Program Introduction Meetings

2. Prepare for the Home Study Process

  1. Submit an Application with Phase I Home Study Fee.
  2. Schedule and complete an Initial Application Interview at ACI office.
  3. Complete and submit all necessary paperwork.
  4. Arrange for Home Study Visit at your home.
  5. Begin adoption training at ACI and/or through other organizations.
  6. Begin preparing photo books, hand-outs and website profile.

3. Congratulations, Your Home Study Has Been Approved and You Are Now Active in ACI’s Traditional Adoption Placement (TAP) Program

  1. Continue adoption preparation and training classes.
  2. Finalize website profile and photo books so that they are ready to be shown to birth families.
  3. Share adoption aspirations with an expanded group of family and friends, as well as explore the idea of individualized marketing and outreach plans including adoption attorneys, out-of-state agencies, etc.

4. Potential Placement – Birth Mother Has Expressed Interest in Learning More About You.

  1. If selected by a birth parent, ACI will provide you with all available information regarding birth mother’s, and if possible, birth father’s, social and medical backgrounds, as well as any known legal issues, etc.
  2. Prepare to participate in a match meeting with birth parent(s) and ACI staff member.
  3. Research adoption attorney to discuss potential legal issues and a pediatrician/medical adoption specialist to review medical information.
  4. Issues that may arise before Surrenders for Adoption are signed include involvement of potential adoptive parents during birth and hospital stay, potential medical concerns, plans for temporary care of child, and an understanding that an adoptive placement is not guaranteed.

5. Placement of Child with Adoptive Parents

  1. Contact adoption attorney to begin adoption proceedings.
  2. Meet with ACI staff to sign Placement Agreement and pay Phase III fees.
  3. During the six month period before the adoption is finalized in court, adoptive families should make themselves available for post placement visits with their ACI Home Study Worker.
  4. Comply with photo and letter agreement.