Support a Spotlight Initiative

As one of the most forward-thinking adoption service providers found anywhere, we continually seek innovative ways to assist all members of the adoption triad. Special funding is often required to launch and sustain these initiatives.

Cook County Women’s Prison Outreach Program

In cooperation with Cook County Sheriff, Tom Dart, this innovative program provides parenting options education for detainees who are either pregnant or already have children. Funds are used to provide direct service to incarcerated women and to offset the cost of counseling staff travel and materials. (Click here to support this program)

Adoption Story Board

A first-of-its-kind collection of adoption stories captured on video and posted online for public viewing. Its intent is to share honest, raw accounts of the adoption experience from all points of view. We are building a library of interviews with birth parents, people who were adopted, adoptive parents and professionals who have worked in and around the field of adoption. Money is used to cover costs associated with production and editing. (Click here to support this program)

Special Needs Placement

We have never turned away a child in need, regardless of age or medical condition. We are pleased to have found permanent adoptive families for sibling groups and children with special needs including severe prematurity, spina bifida and Down syndrome. In these instances, placement fees are often significantly reduced or completely waived. Funds provide our staff the ability to continue to work with these birth parents for the placement of their children with special circumstances.(Click here to support this program)

Post-Adoption Services

Our support of adoptive families, birth parents and adoptees does not stop at the time of placement. We continue to provide limitless consultations, referrals and support post-adoption communication, including photo exchanges for up to 18 years. A significant part of this work involves search and reunion for families and birth parents who may not have had contact for decades. Funds cover staff time and the costs associated with locating birth parents and the support of all parties through parts of the reunion process. (Click here to support this program)