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Placing a Child for Adoption

How We Can Help – Placing a child for adoption is considered by many people to be the most difficult decision a parent will ever make. Some people say that when a woman or a man considers placing a child for adoption that they are “giving up their baby for adoption.”  This is not the way we see it.  We think the term “giving up a child for adoption” or “giving up a baby for adoption” does not reflect what a person is actually thinking or feeling.  In our experience when a woman places her child or baby for adoption it is usually after struggling with the decision, and thinking it through.  Everyone understands that the decision to place a child for adoption is a major life decision.  Our agency takes issue with the term – giving up a child for adoption – because it does not reflect the kind of respect that someone who makes an adoption plan for their child deserves.

We support expectant mothers and fathers, and parents of already born children, by listening without judgment. We believe it is up to them to decide what is best for their child. No one should tell them what to think or how to feel. Therefore, we support and encourage expectant mothers and fathers to consider all of their options.

AS AN AGENCY we take pride in thinking about adoption in a new way.  WE don’t think of adoption in terms of whether it is an open adoption or a closed adoption, but rather, we think of adoption in terms of families and extended family networks.  We believe that when someone chooses placing a child for adoption, that everyone related to the child who is adopted becomes part of a larger extended family network.  We see adoption as a responsible option for planning and providing for a child’s future.  We believe that it is possible for expectant mothers and birth parents and hopeful adoptive parents and adoptive parents to cooperate and work together to protect and provide for a child’s needs.

We have more than 25 years of experience and a staff made up of people whose lives have been touched by adoption. We are ready to listen and answer your questions and we would consider it a privilege to talk with you about adoption and how we can help.

Here’s our commitment to you:

More than anything else, we are here to listen. Our motto is “our help, your decisions” and these are more than just words for us. Our mission is not to find children for adoptive parents, it is to help birth mothers and expectant mothers find good homes for their children through adoption.

An adoption counselor will be available for you

Our compassionate and experienced counselors have helped thousands of people explore adoption. Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or considering placing an older child – we are here to help you understand your options. Sometimes adoption counselors are aware of possibilities that you may not have considered. Contact a birthparent counselor now.

Our services are confidential and free for birth parents

Your contacts with us are kept in the strictest confidence. Nothing you say to us will be told to anyone else without your permission. ACI respects your right to privacy and your right to explore all options in a trusting environment. Our services are available to you at no cost. And our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions about adoption – and mainly just to listen.

Your decisions are respected

We believe that every individual is unique and that you are the only one who can determine what is best for you and your child. You have the right to know and understand all of your options – ranging from having long term, on-going contact with adoptive parents or no contact at all.  Though it is not surprising, we know from experience that placing a child for adoption frequently changes the way birth parents view themselves and life.  Here is a video of one woman describing how placing a child for adoption changed her thinking and life.

Financial and emotional support

ACI offers a range of support. If you decide to work with us we may be able to help pay for living expenses and assist you in linking up with community resources, medical care, and safe housing.

Our contract with you come with no strings attached

We are here to provide you with practical help. When you contact Adoption Center of Illinois at Family Resource Center, you are not committing to making an adoption plan. All you are doing is expressing an interest in finding out more about adoption and how it might work for you and your child. Whether you choose to raise your child or make an adoption plan, we are here for you.

We look at adoption in a new way – one that honors all parties in the adoption process.

Our team of professional and the people we affiliate with respect the people we work with.  We acknowledge their right to make their own plans and to be fully informed.  Sometimes a woman or man will come to us saying that they want to “give up their baby for adoption…” and our first task is to make sure they understand how adoption works and that placing a child for adoption is not giving up.  We are willing to talk about all things and to apply no pressure to do one thing over another.  In the video below, one of our associates, Dr. Ozella Barnes talks about how she views adoption and her thoughts about the term “giving up a child for adoption.”

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There are three ways you can contact us. You can call us at (800)676-2229 Or you can text us at 1-309-678-1918

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