Volunteer Opportunities at Adoption Center of Illinois

Ways to Give

Volunteer Opportunities

If you believe in our mission of helping children find permanent, loving parents through adoption, we invite you to join our community of volunteers. There are lots of different volunteer opportunities you can give of your time.

Volunteer for the phone team

During weekday evenings and on weekends, we rely on volunteers to answer our phones. The office phone lines can be forwarded to your home or mobile phone so you can easily field calls from birth parents and prospective adoptive parents.

Provide temporary foster care

Newborn infants are often discharged from the hospital prior to birth parents making a final decision on the adoption plan, or before an adoptive family is prepared to take the child into their home. Families who maintain an active foster care license can provide temporary care to these children for a few days until their family situation is resolved.

To learn about current volunteer opportunities, please call 773-334-2300.